Newton Running Shoes

Newton shoes combine everything that makes running an enjoyable experience. Comfort, style and durability are all on hand to provide you with footwear that will go the distance. Designed for the vibrant runner, Newton shoes are colourful and eye-catching, with cutting edge advancements in performance technology.

From top to bottom, you'll find every part of a Newton shoe has been carefully considered. To start, they are designed with minimal height difference between the ball of the foot and the heel. This level platform provides the best natural running position.

Newton running shoes are also unique from others due to their active cushioning system. Other shoes tend to utilise passive cushioning that disperse energy when used. Newton provides responsive cushioning that not only loses less energy when engaged, but protects your feet. Think of it as your own personal trampoline.

Newton understands that your feet are sensitive. This is why they have introduced unique biomechanical sensor plating in their footwear. This 'intelligent footwear' lets you feel the ground much more intuitively, giving your strides more effectiveness and stability.

Perfect for slow jogging, sprinting or trail running, Newton shoes also incorporate anti friction and antibacterial materials built into the sock liners, along with flex panels in the upper that give your foot a natural spread with each step.

Environmentally friendly, each shoe and laces are created with recycled materials, ensuring your carbon footprint is as efficient as your running footprint!

Every foot is different. Newton shoes make sure that yours are well taken care of. Take a look at our selection below.

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    Newton Running Shoes

    We have a huge range of men’s, ladies and junior running shoes with the latest technologies from the best brands for all types of runner, whether you’re looking for road, gym and trail shoes or racing track spikes.

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