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CARDIOSPORT Fusion 20 Digital Heart Rate Monitor


Targeted at Fitness and Wellness segment. Ideal monitor for :

Runners and Joggers, Cycling, Spinning and Aerobics Classes, Weight Loss Programmes, Fitness Training

Fusion 20 Functions and Features

  • Digital and coded wireless transmission, no cross talk from other monitors
  • 10 hour Stopwatch to 0. 1 second resolution for first hour
  • Countdown (interval) timer with single and repeat modes
  • Audible and visual training zone indicator
  • Twin row display with main date in largest digits (time or heart rate when ON)
  • Target zone with Hi Lo setting in single beat increments
  • Scan function with hands-free auto-scroll feature showingmaximum, average & minimum heart rate for session
  • Memory recall of last exercise session statistics, automatically resets when new session started
  • Automatically switches OFF when chest transmitter removed
  • Electro luminescent screen light

Summary of Key Features

Fusion 20 has a 10 hour stopwatch with countdown (interval) timer including single and repeat modes. There is a scan feature showing how hard you have been exercising, this can be viewed during exercise to check progress and post exercise from the memory recall. The memory automatically resets when the next session is started. The target zone high/low alarm can be silenced and there is bright electro luminescent light.

Standard Cardiosport Features

  • ECG accurate heart rate
  • Water resistant to 30 meters (60 feet)
  • Two year warranty on both the G2 digital chest transmitter and the watch
  • User changeable battery in chest transmitter
  • RoHS and Weee regulations compliant

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