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UNDER ARMOUR Men's Generation Recharge Energy Legging


Underarmour Recharge: Restore, Recover, Recharge.

The Under Armour Heatgear Men's Generation II Recharge Energy Legging is manufactured using Under armour's Compression technology that gets your muscles back to full strength faster.

The garment forms Under armour's 2nd generation of Recharge garments, manufactured with updated fabrication to provide increased benefits.

The strategic compression technology promotes muscle tissue repair, decreases soreness time and reduces swelling caused by exertion or impact.

Wear Under armour recharge garments post-game and post work-out to get back to full strength sooner.

Key Features:

  • Fabric treated with antimicrobial agents for odor control

  • Moisture transport fabric wicks moisture from the body - keeping the athlete dry

  • Armour stretch technology incorporates lightweight fabrics with built-in 4-way stretch - improving mobility and accelerating dry time.

  • Flat lock seaming - specialised seaming that feels smooth against the skin and prevents chafing

  • Ultraviolet protection shields your skin from the sun's harmful rays and inhibits premature aging

Benefits of compression:

Weather its training or game day, your UA compression base layer makes you better. UA compression unleashes the power of your muscles and keeps you stronger for longer.

Increased Power and Stamina: Stay stronger for longer - Reduces muscle vibration to lessen fatigue and maintain power output. Keeps muscles aligned correctly to increase repetitive muscle power.

Enhanced Proprioception: Know your body's place in space - Enhances the body's recognition of muscle patterns and spatial awareness - to increase muscle efficiency.

Faster Recovery: Get your muscles back to full strength faster - Creates a healing environment around muscles and circulatory system. Post-workout, reduces swelling, decreases soreness time and promotes muscle repair.


  • Polyester
  • Elastane

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