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REYDON Incrediball Trainer Junior


The Incrediball range has led the way in providing players and coaches with safety cricket balls to use during training sessions. These balls perform and behave exactly as regular balls, but are far softer so they'll be no heavy bruising or broken bones if you take a hit.

All Incrediball balls have a normal bounce and regular seam with traditional six stitch construction. There is a hard-wearing synthetic outer cover, but the softer, resilient polyurethane core reduces impact pressure.

The Trainer Senior ball has two different coloured sides; one red and one yellow. This enables player and coach alike to have a better understanding of the swing and spin of the ball through the air, making it ideal for bowling coaching.

A version of the Trainer Senior but reduced in size to an eight inch circumference. The same coaching techniques can be applied as with Senior version for young players getting into the game and learning to adapt their skills. They'll be taking their fair share of five-fors in no time.

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