About us

At Millet Sports, we are passionate about sports and understand why people participate in sports. At the end of the day it is all about being competitive and enjoying the activity, whether you’re competing against others or just against yourself. In fact passion, ambition, competition and the desire to outperform run through everything we do here, whether it is getting you the best products at the most competitive prices or giving you the best service before, during and after you shop with us.

A bit of history

We started life over 20 years ago when Simon Millet founded his first Millet Sports shop in north west London. A keen tennis player and sportsman, Simon wanted to set up a store selling performance sports equipment combined with a service to offer expert product advice, unlike the sports fashion stores that were taking over the high street at the time.

Over the years, these sports fashion stores have come to dominate the high street, making it difficult to buy anything but basic sports equipment from most stores, and the number selling performance sports equipment is very much in decline. The Millet Sports website was launched way back in 2000 and has developed over the years to cover many more popular sports not well served on the high street.

Over the last few years the business has grown from strength to strength, adding more sports categories and a growing team of sport-minded colleagues to service the increasing customer demand.

In October 2009 we launched the new Millet Sports site and since then have added several new categories and expanded internationally.

In 2013 we began discussions with JD Sports Fashion Plc about investing in the business for our next phase of growth and in October agreed for them to acquire a majority stake in the business.   We are delighted to be part of the JD Group and think they will be an ideal partner to help us develop the business and better serve our customers.